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We Listen With Compassion

Could this calendar help kids with child custody transitions?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2017 | Child Custody |

When a Pennsylvania family goes through a divorce, adjusting to a new custody and visitation schedule can be a challenge for both children and adults alike. For kids, a large part of the problem is a sense of helplessness and lack of control over where they are and who they are spending time with. In many cases, gaining a better understanding of what to expect can go a long way toward making child custody transitions easier for everyone. One company has come up with a calendar that families can use to clarify visitation.

The calendar comes in weekly, biweekly and monthly versions. Each set comes with a series of magnets that can be customized to show various family members. There are also magnets that represent different houses, school activities and extracurricular pursuits. This allows the family to create a clear visual representation of how the coming weeks will be scheduled.

For children, knowing what to expect is an important part of accepting a new family structure. Young kids could benefit from this type of physical scheduling system, while older children may prefer an online schedule that they can access from their phones or other devices. Using an online schedule has the added benefit of allowing the entire family to access and make changes to the schedule whenever necessary, even if they are not together. Parents can fill in important school events, sporting activities and even vacation plans.

Transitioning from an intact family to a dual-household structure can be difficult, for children and adults. Finding a calendar that allows kids to see where their time will be spent is a good way to give them a sense of stability and control. That can be powerful during a period of time when children likely feel that nothing is in their control, and when changes are coming at a swift pace. Anything that can make child custody and visitation easier for children deserves the consideration of Pennsylvania parents.

Source:, “This Calendar For Kids of Divorce Is What Coparenting Is Truly All About“, Kate Schweitzer, Aug. 15, 2017


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