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We Listen With Compassion

3 reasons a prenup may work for you

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2017 | Blog |

As you prepare to get married, you may feel an overwhelming sense of joy and excitement. The love you have for your future spouse may allow you to believe that your marriage will continue on for the rest of your lives. While this idea can seem romantic and appealing, you may also have a few “what if” type thoughts in your mind. Rather than thinking you should not entertain the idea of your marriage potentially coming to an end, you may wish to take steps to prepare ahead of time.

A prenuptial agreement could help you make important decisions regarding the potential for divorce before you tie the knot. Though this type of agreement may not prove necessary for everyone, it can offer a variety of benefits for those interested in creating terms that apply to their situation. If you fit into one of the following scenarios, you may have greater reason to consider a prenup.

You have a higher income than your future spouse

If you earn more money than your future spouse, you could potentially face alimony obligations in the event that the marriage ends. In some cases, these obligations may seem unfair or otherwise disagreeable. In hopes of avoiding a potentially unsatisfactory alimony arrangement, you may wish to consider using a prenuptial agreement to draw up terms ahead of time. However, if the marriage does end, the agreement may go under judicial review, and if the review deems the alimony terms unjust, they may face modifications.

You have ownership of a business

Your business acts as a significant asset. When you marry, the chance of divorce places that asset at risk as your spouse could end up with a considerable portion of your business as part of the settlement unless you take proactive measures to prevent such an outcome. A prenuptial agreement could help you avoid any unexpected divorce-related impacts on your business. Additionally, if you have business partners, they may require a prenup to protect their own interests.

Your future spouse has considerable debt

Though you may understand that getting married means bringing together the good and the bad of your life and your future spouse’s life, when it comes to finances, you may wish to pay particular attention to debt. If your partner has considerable debt, you may wish to use the terms of a prenup to protect yourself from becoming liable for that debt in the event of divorce.

These three factors act as only a few aspects that could allow a prenuptial agreement to work in your favor. In order to learn more about additional uses and benefits, you may wish to gain reliable information from local Pennsylvania legal resources.


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