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August 2017 Archives

Jurisdiction can be everything in child custody cases

When a Pennsylvania parent anticipates a nasty custody battle, it is absolutely imperative to take an aggressive stance early on in the divorce process. That means making choices that are in line with one's own interests, often after a great deal of research. One issue that can make or break a child custody case involves jurisdiction. Parents who have options when it comes to where to file their case could gain a significant advantage in the overall process.

Collaboration can yield property division advantages

For those in Pennsylvania who are going through a divorce, it is important to understand all available options in the beginning stages of that process. While most spouses are familiar with a traditional litigation approach, they may not be aware of the advantages available through collaborative law. A collaborative divorce is simply one in which both parties agree to work together to reach an agreement outside of court. For many families, there are a number of property division advantages that come with a collaborative divorce.

A child custody approach to reuniting parents and children

When a Pennsylvania parent is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, the end result can be a loss of parental rights. In some cases, however, child custody rights are taken away before a parent has the opportunity to complete a thorough addiction recovery program. When those parents get clean, they may face an uphill battle in restoring their right to raise their children. One state is approaching this issue with a creative program that is achieving impressive results.

3 reasons a prenup may work for you

As you prepare to get married, you may feel an overwhelming sense of joy and excitement. The love you have for your future spouse may allow you to believe that your marriage will continue on for the rest of your lives. While this idea can seem romantic and appealing, you may also have a few "what if" type thoughts in your mind. Rather than thinking you should not entertain the idea of your marriage potentially coming to an end, you may wish to take steps to prepare ahead of time.

Could this calendar help kids with child custody transitions?

When a Pennsylvania family goes through a divorce, adjusting to a new custody and visitation schedule can be a challenge for both children and adults alike. For kids, a large part of the problem is a sense of helplessness and lack of control over where they are and who they are spending time with. In many cases, gaining a better understanding of what to expect can go a long way toward making child custody transitions easier for everyone. One company has come up with a calendar that families can use to clarify visitation.

How a prenup can assist business owners with a high asset divorce

Building a business from the ground up is an incredible accomplishment, and is often the culmination of years of planning and hard work. Once a Pennsylvania business owner has achieved success, he or she may want to protect the business. This is especially true as an individual prepares to marry. Drafting a solid prenuptial agreement is the best way to clarify how business interests would be treated in the event of a high asset divorce.

Parents lost child custody over concerns about their intelligence

When a Pennsylvania parent is faced with a custody challenge by the state, the base of that challenge almost always involves abuse or neglect. It should be noted that there are certainly cases in which an individual is not fit to parent a child, and when that child would be better off living in foster care or finding a new permanent home than remaining with the parent. However, there are also a great many child custody cases that are not so black and white, and where judgment calls are made that destroy families.

Parents may see improved safety for kids during child custody

When two parents are unable to see eye-to-eye on matters of custody, everyone involved can experience high levels of stress. For some Pennsylvania parents, however, the source of stress is not the child custody case itself but concerns about the safety of their children. When domestic violence is present in a family structure, the victim is often worried that the abuse could be transferred onto the children. To secure a greater measure of protection against that outcome, two U.S. Representatives have introduced a resolution on the manner in which family courts handle cases involving domestic violence.

Consider moving expenses during property division negotiations

Divorce brings about a great many changes in the life of a Pennsylvania resident. For many, moving out of a shared home and into a new place is one of the biggest changes that will take place during a divorce. That process can be costly, and it is important to consider those expenses while negotiating a property division settlement. Reaching an outcome that allows both spouses to enjoy a degree of financial stability should be a shared goal of every divorcing couple.

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