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June 2017 Archives

Can collaborative law work in a high asset divorce?

The dissolution of marriage and conflict seem to go hand in hand, especially when significant assets are involved. While this may be true, not every couple that is going through a high asset divorce wants to fight things out in front of a judge. For divorcing couples in Pennsylvania who feel this way, collaborative law may be the answer in terms of settling things amicably.

When it comes to property division, be careful what you wish for

Figuring out how to divide marital property when a relationship comes to an end is not always easy. There may be certain consequences associated with a property division settlement that you may not consider at first. At the end of the day, how your property is ultimately divided can end up affecting other areas of your divorce settlement. For this reason, it is not wise for couples in Pennsylvania to rush through this phase of the dissolution process.

Ready to move on? Moving the kids could be a challenge

Life may finally be beginning to settle down for you after the divorce. You settled into a good routine, the other parent gets to see the kids and you look forward to the future once again. Then you get a job offer that would take you and the kids out of Pennsylvania. It may be an offer that you really can't afford to refuse, but the other parent isn't quite on board with being so far away from the children.

Pennsylvania fathers' rights: Jesse Williams fighting for custody

Being a dad can be one of the most rewarding experiences in a man's life. Unfortunately, some dads in Pennsylvania and elsewhere find that their fathers' rights are not taken into consideration during and after the divorce process, and that gaining fair access to their children is harder than it should be. This is something actor Jesse Williams is said to be feeling.

Can college expenses be paid for with child support funds?

While not all parents can afford to, some in Pennsylvania want to help their children with their college expenses. Some even set up accounts when their children are young in order to give themselves time to save. Unfortunately, divorce happens, and putting extra money aside for a child's higher education may be put on the back burner. When it comes down to it, can custodial parents in Pennsylvania seek to have college expenses paid for with child support?

Property division and nesting: How do they work together?

After divorce, in an effort to keep things as normal as possible for children, some parents in Pennsylvania and elsewhere are turning to the living arrangement known as nesting. This is not something that a judge will order. Rather, it is a personal choice made by parents and the arrangements have to be carefully put together through out-of-court negotiations. There are many issues that can arise from such an arrangement, particularly where property division is involved.

Summertime child custody can be a real struggle

With most children out on summer break, parents are left trying to figure out how to keep them occupied until school starts up again in the fall. For divorced parents in Pennsylvania, summertime child custody can be a real struggle. At the end of the day, they have to do what works best for their kids and their schedules.

Going through a high asset divorce? Don't give in to a bully

Going through the dissolution of marriage process can really bring out the bad in people. It is not something that is totally unexpected as fear and stress simply have that affect on some individuals. Unfortunately, when going through a high asset divorce in Pennsylvania or elsewhere, one's spouse may try bullying techniques in order to get his or her way, leaving one with less than what one is entitled to receive. Sadly, this happens more often than not, but one does not have to give into a spouse's bullying.

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