A father in another state has been through a lot in trying to gain custody of his daughter. Unfortunately, in certain circumstances, the court is not very forgiving. While fighting for father’s rights is difficult, many in Pennsylvania and elsewhere would agree that it is worth it.

The case of one man has been in the news quite a bit. The 24-year-old has been fighting for custody of his daughter, who is now 2 years old, for over a year now. According to reports, this gentleman was not married to the child’s mother and the couple had separated before she was born. However, he took an active role in caring for the child until the Department of Child and Family Services took the baby into its custody. Eventually the mother abandoned her parental rights, and the father, who had not yet been legally declared the girl’s father, was denied visitation rights.

Recently, a judge ruled in favor of recognizing this man’s paternity. DCFS tried to appeal the decision, but it was denied. With paternity now established, this father will be able to continue his fight for custody.

If a father wants to be involved in his child’s life and is considered fit to do so, why should he be denied? Sadly, this is something that happens to unwed fathers all across the country, Pennsylvania included. Those who find themselves in such positions can turn to a family law attorney who has experience handling fathers’ rights cases. With the help of legal counsel, fighting the obstacles that come with trying to achieve custody may be a little easier to handle.

Source: ksl.com, “Father in complex court fight is one step closer to raising his daughter“, McKenzie Romero, April 7, 2017