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We Listen With Compassion

Chris Robinson seeks child custody modification

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2017 | Child Custody |

Famed musician Chris Robinson is going back to court to fight for more time with the son he shares with actress Kate Hudson. The two agreed to shared child custody nearly 10 years ago, but obviously he feels this is an arrangement that is no longer working. Fame and fortune will not make achieving a custody modification any easier. He will have to go through what every parent whether in Pennsylvania or elsewhere will have to go through in order to have a modification request approved.

According to reports, after Mr. Robinson submitted his petition to the court to amend his child custody order, an evaluator was assigned to his case to review the situation. The evaluator’s job will be to interview both parents and the child, go over medical, psychological and drug testing reports, evaluate each parent’s education and employment records and then provide a suggestion for both legal and physical custody to the court. The cost of such an evaluation can be pretty steep, but it is often required in custody modification cases.

The evaluation process can take time to complete. Issues regarding child custody are rarely resolved overnight. But, if the ultimate goal is to put the child in the best situation for his or her growth and development, it is not something that should be rushed.

Will Mr. Robinson’s child custody modification request be approved? Only time will tell. The same can be said for parents in Pennsylvania who petition the court to change their current custody arrangements. There are no guarantees that modification requests will be approved, but with the assistance of legal counsel, parents can take the steps necessary to fight for a decision in their favor.

Source:, “Kate Hudson’s ex challenges custody agreement“, Jaclyn Hendricks, March 1, 2017


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