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We Listen With Compassion

When child support is ordered, use options to make it work

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2016 | Child Support |

If a divorced parent in Pennsylvania does not have sole custody of the children, chances are his or her settlement came with an order for monthly support payments. No matter how indignant or frustrated one may feel about a child support order, there is usually little that can be done about it. The best advice may be to find a way to make the payments as painless as possible.

The first step may be to acknowledge the purpose of sending the money to one’s co-parent. Those funds are intended to provide necessities and other important items for one’s children. Refusing or delaying payments may place one’s child in a difficult situation. Instead, advocates recommend setting up electronic payments so the money leaves one’s account and is remitted on time every month. This reduces the chances that one will forget to make the payment or be tempted to put it off.

Using online co-parenting tools may also help manage child support payments. They also provide proof that payments were made in case there is confusion with one’s co-parent. In addition, there are online tools to help people set up budgets that include child support to ensure one’s money does not run out before the payment is made. Missing payments or allowing them to pile up may eventually cause one a great deal of legal and financial trouble.

From time to time, a Pennsylvania parent’s life circumstances take a downward turn, and it may suddenly be difficult to provide the amount of child support mandated in one’s settlement. It may be possible to modify an existing child support order to accommodate those temporary changes. A family law attorney is the best person to consult with questions or concerns about child support.

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