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We Listen With Compassion

Pennsylvania cautioned regarding similar child support issues

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2016 | Child Support |

When the court orders the father of a child to make payments to assist in the child’s future care and upbringing, it is obviously a mandate, not a suggestion. Many Pennsylvania parents grow concerned when the other parents involved in their particular situations fail to adhere to child support orders. In fact, a sheriff’s department in another county recently made some arrests regarding this issue.

In this particular county, police head out every year to execute arrest warrants for cases involving domestic-related problems and/or child support issues. Partnering police departments from various areas combine their efforts to serve the warrants and make the arrests. Recently, four different men were arrested.

The men range in ages from 24 to 34. The 34-year-old was charged with failure to pay child support, but the court released him on his own recognizance. The youngest of the four arrested was remanded to the county jail. He is being held on a $92,000 property bond and a bail that exceeds $9,000.

Each of the men arrested for child support infractions will have to answer to a court outside Pennsylvania. There is no pre-set outcome for such situations. The court will hear what each of the defendants has to say, and will also consult with law enforcement agents and court records to make informed decisions regarding the charges against all four. Many times, obtaining any type of positive results in court hinges upon skilled and aggressive defense assistance, and a defendant may request such assistance as soon as an arrest or formal charges are made.

Source:, “Four Ulster men charged with child support offenses”, Oct. 24, 2016


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