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We Listen With Compassion

Paternity tests may establish fathers’ rights

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2016 | Fathers' Rights |

With many children born to unwed parents in Pennsylvania, establishing paternity is more important than ever. A paternity test determines if a man is the biological father of a particular child. If paternity is formally established, the father will likely face the legal obligation to support the child. You may be pursuing the establishment of paternity because you suspect you are not the father of the child in question, or you may believe you are the father and wish to prove it so you can participate in the child’s upbringing. Whatever your particular situation, having an attorney by your side is invaluable for protecting your fathers’ rights.

A woman may say a certain man is the father of her child and request a paternity test to claim support for the child. If the man acknowledges his paternity or is otherwise proved to be the father, he may be required by law to provide child support until the child reaches the age of majority. Such support may include health insurance, school trips, clothing and other things the court determines are necessary. If the man suspects he may not be the father of the child, he may consult an attorney for guidance in taking the legal steps to challenge the allegation.

A paternity test may also come into play when a man believes he is the father of a child and he desires to be included in the child’s life. If the mother does not welcome the idea, the man may need the help of an attorney to request a court ordered paternity test. In addition to paying support, the man whose paternity test is positive may also be entitled to share parenting time. The court may order visitation days or even shared custody.  

Winning a paternity suit may mean different things to different people in Pennsylvania. To some men, it means relief of financial obligations to children who are not biologically theirs. To others, it may bring the joy of fatherhood and all the benefits that come with fathers’ rights. Some mothers may see a paternity test as a way of establishing financial security for their children’s basic needs. At Family Legal Center, LLC, our dedicated attorneys can provide assistance in all these areas.


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