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We Listen With Compassion

Court issues rulings in rapper’s child custody battle

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2016 | Child Custody |

Being famous is obviously not without its challenges. However, when family issues are aired in public and fans are staying updated on a child custody battle, tension may be intensified. Rapper Ludacris and his child’s mother, Tamika Fuller, have been fighting it out in a courtroom outside of Pennsylvania regarding various issues pertaining to the little girl’s care and upbringing.

At some point during the contentious battle, Fuller accused Ludacris of child abuse. Such an accusation is no small matter, especially when Child Protective Services gets involved. Ludacris asserted the allegations were completely false, and he further stated that Fuller had not only fabricated images to suggest abuse but also actually submitted them to the court as evidence.

It appears some headway has been made in the case. On a recent Wednesday, the court ruled that Ludacris is to be the voice of authority in decisions concerning his daughter’s faith, education and medical needs. He is also able to make final decisions regarding his daughter’s photos being posted online. Allowing one parent to prohibit the other from sharing photos of a child is a rather uncommon court decision.

However, the rare ruling shows that every case is different, and the court considers various factors particular to a certain situation before making its decisions. This is why obtaining a favorable outcome is often more likely when a concerned parent depends on the guidance of an experienced family law attorney. A family lawyer in Pennsylvania can guide a parent through a difficult child custody battle, making sure that personal rights are protected and the best interests of a child are kept at heart.

Source:, “Court Awards Rapper Ludacris Final Say Over 3-Year-Old Daughter’s Life — Then, There’s the Photos”, Jed Smith, Oct. 21, 2016


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