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October 2016 Archives

Pennsylvania cautioned regarding similar child support issues

When the court orders the father of a child to make payments to assist in the child's future care and upbringing, it is obviously a mandate, not a suggestion. Many Pennsylvania parents grow concerned when the other parents involved in their particular situations fail to adhere to child support orders. In fact, a sheriff's department in another county recently made some arrests regarding this issue.

Court issues rulings in rapper's child custody battle

Being famous is obviously not without its challenges. However, when family issues are aired in public and fans are staying updated on a child custody battle, tension may be intensified. Rapper Ludacris and his child's mother, Tamika Fuller, have been fighting it out in a courtroom outside of Pennsylvania regarding various issues pertaining to the little girl's care and upbringing.

Lawsuit award complicates property division for divorcing couple

Generally speaking, the designation of marital property is clear in Pennsylvania and most other states. Property or money is considered communal if it was acquired while the couple was married, and property division is equitable for those assets. Of course, as with many facets of divorce, this precept is not always easy to apply. In fact, the interpretation of this rule may be as varied as the couples involved.

Paternity tests may establish fathers' rights

With many children born to unwed parents in Pennsylvania, establishing paternity is more important than ever. A paternity test determines if a man is the biological father of a particular child. If paternity is formally established, the father will likely face the legal obligation to support the child. You may be pursuing the establishment of paternity because you suspect you are not the father of the child in question, or you may believe you are the father and wish to prove it so you can participate in the child's upbringing. Whatever your particular situation, having an attorney by your side is invaluable for protecting your fathers' rights.

Property division comes sooner with Pennsylvania divorce reform

No-fault divorce has been an option in Pennsylvania since 1980. It took years of debate and discussion, but lawmakers finally agreed on reforms to the centuries-old divorce code. The no-fault method allowed one spouse to obtain a divorce without the consent of the other following a three-year waiting period. Recently, the governor signed a bill to reduce the waiting period even further to allow couples to begin property division and other settlements more quickly.

High asset divorce is not always a simple division of property

It seems that the public cannot get enough of celebrity breakups. There is wide-spread speculation about who will get the children and how much money there is to be divided. If the couple had no prenuptial agreement, the divorce may garner even more publicity. However, most high asset divorce cases in Pennsylvania do not play out in the public eye, and they may require both partners to move forward carefully.

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