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September 2016 Archives

After property division, advice and planning may be useful

Gray divorces are becoming more common these days, and researchers are testing various theories about why this seems to be. Some say that the phenomenon is the result of people living longer or of women having more freedom and flexibility because of their earning power. Whatever the reason, the results are often the same. People in Pennsylvania going through a divorce past the age of 50 may have serious concerns about their futures after property division is complete.

Pennsylvania child custody may be complicated by domestic abuse

Popular opinion is often proved wrong, even for long-held beliefs. For example, those in Pennsylvania who have little personal experience with domestic violence may draw inaccurate conclusions about the victims and their children. However, recently, studies by the American Bar Association about the role of domestic abuse in child custody cases may disprove many of those misconceptions.

Powers of Attorney: What you need to know

Many people associate the term estate planning with the process of distributing assets and property after death. However, an important part of estate planning also centers on helping an individual account for and manage important financial and health care matters while still living.

Fathers' rights case may break new ground for frozen embryos

People in Pennsylvania and across the country followed the four-year relationship between actress Sofia Vergara and entrepreneur Nick Loeb. The two were considered a power couple in Hollywood until their stormy breakup two years ago. Now, they are making news again as Loeb fights for fathers' rights for children that have not yet been born.

Child support may be modified for changes in circumstances

Not many things are set in stone, although it may seem this is not true when it comes to decisions ordered in family court. Some people in Pennsylvania may believe that whatever the judge decides cannot be changed. However, even the terms of child support ordered by a judge can be modified under certain circumstances.

Child custody laws are changing across the country

For many parents, divorce and its causes create an atmosphere of animosity so strong that any civil communication with each other is nearly impossible. When child custody is involved, tensions may run too high to effectively parent as a team. However, many parents in Pennsylvania and across the country are attempting to create more cooperative relationships with their ex partners in order to make life after divorce the best possible situation for their children.

Property division conflicts minimized with prenuptial agreement

Couples about to marry in Pennsylvania seldom want to consider the possibility that their marriage will not last. However, the fact is that some marriages end in divorce. In those circumstances, couples must confront the frustrating and often contentious process of property division. If a family business is involved, a divorce could be devastating to the company unless provisions have been made early on.

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