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August 2016 Archives

Avoiding mistakes in a high asset divorce

Researchers recently discovered an interesting trend in divorces across the country. March and August are peak times for couples to begin proceedings. The study concludes that this is because of the deep disappointment many feel after holidays or vacations do not meet their expectations. Driven by emotions, Pennsylvania couples may rush the process to get the divorce over with quickly. However, financial advisors recommend that those anticipating a high asset divorce move cautiously and avoid mistakes often made during this emotional time.

For kids, heading back to school after a separation or divorce can be difficult

As another summer draws to a close, children throughout the Monroeville area are heading back to school. For children and parents, this time of year can be hectic as both must adjust to new schedules and responsibilities. For any child, these types of changes can create a lot of anxiety and stress. In cases where a child's parents recently separated or divorced, these types of feelings are likely to be magnified.

Soldier fights for fathers' rights between deployments

In Pennsylvania and other states, many men look forward to the day when they will be fathers. Therefore, when a U.S. soldier was told, just days before shipping out to Afghanistan, that he was going to be a father, it was joyful news. He and the mother of the child had dated only a few months, but he anticipated sharing custody with her. What he did not expect was that, between his deployments, he would be fighting for fathers' rights.

Man faces serious penalties for delinquent child support payments

When a parent in Pennsylvania depends on monthly support to provide for his or her children, a non-custodial parent who falls behind in payments may create a hardship. Child support administrators and family courts prefer to work with parents to insure that they are able to make regular, court-ordered payments. However, when all else fails, the courts may have no choice but to send a parent to jail.

Child support may be more flexible if negotiated outside of court

Divorce can be difficult for children. Parents may get caught up in the disputes and disagreements and lose track of the emotional turmoil the children are going through. This may be especially true when it comes to negotiating child support. If parents think of support as one more thing to divide, the children may come out on the losing end. However, parents in Pennsylvania who are able to negotiate the terms of support without orders from a judge may end up with a settlement that satisfies everyone.

Child custody disputes may hinge on forbidden words

Comedians often win laughs through clever use of certain forbidden words. While many people in Pennsylvania may hear or use those words casually, in some situations it is still deemed inappropriate or even dangerous to pepper one's conversation with words that are generally considered vulgar. In certain contexts, the use of colorful language may bring serious consequences to one's child custody rights.

Preparing for property division may require professional advice

When someone in Pennsylvania is facing divorce, well-meaning friends may offer advice. They may have opinions about personal finances or property division. Much of that advice may stem from their own emotional experiences and have little to do with what the divorcing person is going through. Sometimes it may be necessary for the person to step back from friends and seek professional advice.

High asset divorce may become epic battle

People in Pennsylvania may find it charming to hear of a couple reaching anniversary milestones of 50 years or more. However, there is at least one marriage that survived almost 60 years with very little charm. As this couple prepares for a high asset divorce, they may be wishing they had signed a prenuptial agreement all those years ago.

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