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We Listen With Compassion

Man fights for fathers’ rights after DNA test

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2016 | Fathers' Rights |

When a woman in another state announced that she was pregnant, her boyfriend believed he was the father of the child. He asked her to marry him, and the couple raised the little girl together until their divorce two years later. When the child turned 11, a DNA test showed that the man was not the biological father of the girl. This man and others in Pennsylvania and beyond would have benefited from the advice of an attorney experienced in fathers’ rights.

Although the test proved the man was not the child’s father, he is required to continue paying $730 a month in child support. In the state where the family lives, the man whose name is listed on a child’s birth certificate is legally obligated to pay child support. The man, who represented himself during the child support hearing, tried to present the DNA test results as evidence, but the judge could not accept the report because the man had not followed the rules for presenting evidence.

The child’s mother believes it would be wrong to ask the biological father for support, and the biological father agrees. The man whose name is on the birth certificate admitted he would not mind paying if he were allowed some visitation with the girl. The mother has not allowed him to see the child in the four years since they received the test results.

People in Pennsylvania and across the country may benefit from the difficult lesson this man learned. Because he tried to present his own case in court, he ended up losing his fathers’ rights. For the next four years, he must pay support for the daughter he may never see. He likely regrets not having an attorney to advise him and to fight for his rights.

Source:, “Man Legally Forced to Pay Child Support Even After DNA Test Proves He’s Not Dad“, Chris White, July 28, 2016


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