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July 2016 Archives

Man fights for fathers' rights after DNA test

When a woman in another state announced that she was pregnant, her boyfriend believed he was the father of the child. He asked her to marry him, and the couple raised the little girl together until their divorce two years later. When the child turned 11, a DNA test showed that the man was not the biological father of the girl. This man and others in Pennsylvania and beyond would have benefited from the advice of an attorney experienced in fathers' rights.

Child custody may get tricky during summer months

Summer is full of activities for families. Carnivals, fairs and fireworks come to Pennsylvania. Amusement parks and beaches are great places to take the kids. Even activities around the home, such as cookouts and picnics, often involve children. When one is living within the limitations of a child custody agreement, summer may be a challenge.

High asset divorce precautions in Pennsylvania

Aside from child custody, asset and debt division may be among the most contentious elements of a divorce. When one is facing a high asset divorce, taking a few steps may protect one's belongings and make the process a little less complicated. Even if trust is not an issue, people ending a marriage in Pennsylvania may be wise to take some precautions.

Unfair tactics in child custody battles may harm children

It is not unusual for a parent to take drastic steps to win a custody battle. Co-parents in Pennsylvania may be shocked when a former partner makes accusations of abuse or misbehavior to gain leverage in a divorce. However, using unfair methods to win a child custody case may have consequences a parent does not intend.

Property division in Pennsylvania may include tax break

Selling the family home may be one of the more emotional decisions a divorcing couple makes. It may also be a costly one. People in Pennsylvania and across the country who sell their homes may be required to pay a tax on any gain they make from the sale. However, those who take advantage of the federal income tax exclusion may end up paying a lower penalty on their gain. Couples facing property division because of a divorce may still benefit from this law.

Pennsylvania child custody reflects child's best interests

When a couple decides to divorce, they may be justifiably focused on their own confusion and hurt feelings. If children are involved, the issues become even more complex. Because high emotions may sometimes blind a parent to the immediate and long-term needs of the children, courts in Pennsylvania and across the country rely on a set of standards when making child custody decisions.

High asset divorce in Pennsylvania means dividing debt, too

While a person's credit score is not affected simply because he or she signs a divorce agreement, the changes in that agreement may open one up to potentially negative hits on a credit report. When people in Pennsylvania face high asset divorce, they may also share high debts. These debts will also be divided in a divorce settlement.

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