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We Listen With Compassion

Pennsylvania dad fights for fathers’ rights

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2016 | Fathers' Rights |

In June, families in Pennsylvania and across the country celebrate Fathers’ Day, remembering the men in their lives who raised and supported them, even if they weren’t biologically related. For some men, however, Fathers’ Day is a painful time of separation from their children. A few of these men have taken their fight for fathers’ rights to court.

A Pennsylvania man was delighted when his girlfriend told him she was pregnant. Even when the couple broke up a few months later, the man expected to raise the child along with the child’s mother. However, eight months into the pregnancy, the woman disappeared, and the man was frantic that something terrible had happened to her. When she reappeared, she told him the sad news that his baby son had died.

Sometime later, the man was shocked to learn that the child had not died but had been born in another state where adoption policy is that children are better placed with married couples than single parents. Additionally, the man learned that the child was a girl, not a boy. Since then he has been fighting the courts to find and claim his daughter, but so far he has been unsuccessful.

If the man had signed a father’s registry, the courts would have required his approval for any legal actions concerning the baby. It is agonizing for the man to know that one signature may have granted him a lifetime with his little girl. When men in Pennsylvania are concerned about fathers’ rights, they may consult a family law attorney for counsel. A dedicated lawyer will know how to protect those precious rights and will fight for those who feel their rights have been violated.

Source:, “Unwed dads fight for fathers’ rights“, Grant Clark, June 17, 2016


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