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May 2016 Archives

Law professor says child custody should be denied to smokers

One of the most emotional and contentious parts of a divorce proceeding may be the custody decision. Determining who gets child custody involves the examination of the lives of both parents. Pennsylvania parents who desire to remain an important and influential part of the lives of their children may use any legal means to gain custody, especially if they believe the health of their child is in danger.

Millionaire's high asset divorce takes seven years to settle

A divorce is not usually something people like to prolong. Going through a painful and contentious break up can be stressful, and most people in Pennsylvania would probably say they want it over as quickly as possible. When both sides disagree over the terms of a high asset divorce, a settlement may not be reached quickly.

Getting a divorce? Watch your social media activities

Divorce has always been a complicated process, but in the age of social media, things are stickier than ever. Social media is used for a variety of purposes. People post business accomplishments, their child's milestones, vent about their political frustrations, brag about their vacations, show off their new toys, share fun recipes and silly cat videos and more. Some see their social media accounts as a safe haven, and may even feel more open about their lives online than they are in person. However, when it comes to people who are in the process of divorce, this can be a dangerous way to think, and in many cases, it can be costly in terms of dollars and reputation.

How do courts divide property in PA?

Sorting out property issues is an essential task in the divorce process, particularly for couples who have significant assets between themselves.  For couples who have not deal with property matters in any agreement, prenuptial or otherwise, it is up to the court to divide their property according to rules laid down in state law.

Fathers' rights must be protected in Pennsylvania

When parents in Pennsylvania get divorced, a child may be divided between two homes. Seeking the best interests of the children, the courts may grant shared custody or at least visitation rights so that the children can grow up knowing the love and guidance of both mom and dad. But when divorces are bitter and custody is disputed, fathers' rights may be denied.

Property division in Pennsylvania requires careful thought

Divorce is seldom easy, and even the most amicable of splits may bring emotional turmoil. Some divorced couples in Pennsylvania discover that dividing assets in half is not as fair as it sounds. In fact, property division may decrease one's wealth. Some reports say that after a divorce, a person's wealth is reduced by 77 percent compared to the wealth of a single person.

Tips for negotiating a visitation plan with a contentious spouse

Approaching a divorce with as much cooperation as possible can definitely be to one’s advantage. To the extent agreements can be reached between the parties and reduced to writing, a settlement agreement on those issues could simply be presented to the court for approval. 

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