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We Listen With Compassion

We Listen With Compassion

How to feel optimistic even during divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2016 | Family Law |

Divorce is an emotional time, and you might feel as though you will never be happy again. You may think that this roller coaster ride will never end, but it will. You might be surprised at how optimistic you might feel about your future once all of the divorce proceedings are over, the kids have settled into their new routines and you aren’t fighting quite as much with your ex as you are right now.

You might just experience a small glimmer of hope during a seemingly happy day. This can allow you to focus on your positive emotions and keep you moving in the right direction. These are the moments worth holding onto, even if it seems like there are more negative experiences than positive ones. If you focus on the positive, then you can begin to believe that those are the ones that will eventually outnumber the negative ones.

You should also start to shift your thinking from “we” to “me.” This is important, because you can then pursue a more positive relationship, to fall in love with someone, have a stronger family and much more. When you focus on the positive, that is what you will begin to see. You may find it’s in your imagination right now, but you can make it happen. You will move forward in spite of your divorce and have hope for your future. Hope has always been the belief that carries you forward.

Make sure that you know how you want to create a better future for yourself and your children. While divorce may seem like a very long chapter in your life, you’re starting another chapter now. If you feel like you need some help getting into that next chapter, your divorce attorney may be able to recommend a professional for you to talk to.


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