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We Listen With Compassion

Alimony considerations in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2015 | Child Support |

Alimony or spousal support is ordered by the court during a divorce. It is money paid from one spouse to the other for a number of reasons. For example, it might be to help the other spouse maintain his or her lifestyle. However, it can also be to help the other spouse receive more training to enter or return to the workforce.

In many marriages, one spouse doesn’t work outside the home. Instead, he or she cares for the children and the home. During a divorce, this spouse may be awarded alimony for his or her years of work inside the home.

In Pennsylvania, there are no guidelines set that the court can look at to determine how much alimony — if any — will be ordered. Instead, the court bases its determination on a number of different factors, including:

— The income of both parties

— The age and mental, physical and emotional state of each party

— The length of the marriage

— The standard of living during the marriage

— The contribution of a spouse as a homemaker

— The need for job training or retraining

— Marital misconduct

If the couple can agree on the amount of alimony, the court will consider that agreement binding.

At the Family Legal Center, LLC, we understand that it can be difficult to come up with an agreed amount of alimony. However, we represent parties on both sides of the alimony matter and can often provide insight and guidance that may help in coming to an arrangement.

To learn more about alimony and spousal support in Pennsylvania, please take a look at our webpages dedicated to the topic.


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