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October 2015 Archives

Is your divorce just a failure?

You've probably heard people say it: My marriage failed. There is this idea that getting a divorce is just a failure, as if it is something everyone should avoid. Is this really the best way to think about it, especially if you're moving toward divorce yourself?

Dealing with an ex who excessively spoils your kids

Parenting is difficult enough without feeling as though you can't keep up with an ex who buys extravagant gifts or seems to disregard rules that you have at your home. Your ex may shower the kids with items you planned to give them for a birthday or Christmas, let them watch movies you don't approve of or stay up so late that they simply roll over the next morning when it's time to get up for school.

How are toddlers affected by divorce?

When parents are involved in a divorce, it can be easy to think that the process won't be very difficult on young children, such as toddlers. After all, they likely won't remember the divorce when they are older. Many parents, when asked how their children are handling the divorce, will say they are "doing just fine."

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