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We Listen With Compassion

We Listen With Compassion

Collaborative law and the mutually respectful divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2015 | Collaborative Law |

Have you heard of the recent “divorce selfie” craze, where couples who divorced amicably are so proud of their peaceful breakup that they show it off with a happy selfie taken together while exiting the courtroom? Clearly, having an amicable and peaceful divorce is not possible for every Pennsylvania couple, but at the Family Legal Center in Allegheny, we are available to help you on the road to a peaceful breakup through the collaborative law process.

Perhaps taking a “divorce selfie” is not your style, but separating from your soon-to-be ex-spouse (while staying friends with him or her) is your style. If that’s the case, then the collaborative law process is one of the best ways to achieve this goal.

The collaborative law process is a unique way of approaching divorce, and it can only be performed by an attorney who has been trained and certified in the process. In a collaborative law divorce, both spouses will be represented by an attorney who is trained in the collaborative breakup process. Both spouses also agree that they will not go to court, but rather, they will work with each other to reach an out-of-court divorce settlement agreement. The goal is to reach mutually beneficial solutions to any and all issues that arise relating to child custody, child support, asset division and other matters.

The collaborative law process offers a peace-promoting framework based on mutual respect. It also facilitates higher levels of communication, which are usually lacking in traditional divorce proceedings. It can also facilitate a more cost effective and speedier breakup that focuses on the best interests of all parties involved. In fact, if your collaborative law divorce is successful, you may be so pleased with the results that you cannot help to take a “divorce selfie” yourself.


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