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We Listen With Compassion

Rutherford’s children returned to father in Monaco once again

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2015 | Custody & Visitation |

It’s been three years now since actress Kelly Rutherford was ordered to send her children to live with their father Daniel Giersch in Monaco. According to People magazine, the children are still trying to adjust to living outside of the U.S. A teacher, who works at their elite school in Monaco said that the children, ages 8 and 6, are reserved, but are blending in. The school the two attend is quite exclusive and academically elite. Some of the children going there speak up to five language in the British curriculum school.

Rutherford’s latest attempt to get the court to award her custody did not go as she planned. On Aug. 11, the court ordered Rutherford to produce the children at court. A court order says that the children must reside in Monaco with their father. He lives in a spacious mansion with high walls and fences.

Rutherford has criticized the court’s decision and says that she won’t give up on getting custody of her children. She said, “My children ask me all the time if I am still fighting for them…I always tell them the day will never come when I say no.” There is an additional court hearing coming up in the U.S. for Rutherford.

Celebrity couples are not the only ones who go through contentious custody battles. If you and your soon-to-be ex spouse are not able to come to an agreement over child custody and visitation, then you should be ready to fight for your children in court. A family law attorney can help by providing you with more information on how to proceed with your case.

Source: People, “Children in a Fortress: Inside Details on Kelly Rutherford’s Kids’ Lives in Monaco,” Emily Strohm and Dana Kennedy, Aug. 20, 2015


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