If you’re going through a divorce in Pennsylvania, or if you’re going to be in the near future, you need to keep just one thing in mind: The outcome needs to be fair. This should be your goal and the court’s goal, and you can work together to get there.

This manifests itself in many different ways. It starts with child custody. Unless circumstances — like domestic violence — change things, the court typically wants to split child custody between you and your spouse. You should both feel like you get to see your child often enough and be a part of that child’s life. One parent should not automatically get preference over the other.

It also applies to property division. You shouldn’t feel like you’ve lost everything because of the divorce, and neither should your spouse. When you were married, you shared your possessions and assets, and so things should be split in a rough 50/50 manner. You may have to give some things up, but the results should not favor one side.

One of the biggest things to impact how fair the outcome may be is a prenuptial agreement. It can protect certain assets, for example, so that you get more of what you want – or so that your spouse does. This can skew things from the 50/50 goal, so be sure you know what to expect if you used a prenup before getting married.

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