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We Listen With Compassion

Can I relocate with my child if I have physical custody?

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2015 | Custody & Visitation |

Child custody matters can be difficult to work through. However, it’s always best for the children if the parents can agree on custody, visitation and parenting plans instead of allowing the court to determine such important matters. For custodial parents who want to relocate with their child, though, the court needs to be involved.

In order to relocate, the custodial parent will need the court’s approval or the consent of the other parent. In order to relocate with getting the approval of the parent, the custodial parent will need to inform the other parent of several important pieces of information. He or she will need:

— The new address

— The new school district

— When the relocation is planned

— Who will be living with you at the new location

— The form by which the non-custodial parent can object

You must provide this information to your child’s other parent at least 60 days before you plan on moving.

The court will consider many factors before making a determination as to whether to allow the relocation. Some of these include:

— The reasons for the move

— How the move will impact the relationship between the non-custodial parent and the child.

— What type of support system will be at the new location

— The relationship between the child and each parent

— Why the non-custodial parent is objecting to the move

If the court decides to approve the relocation, then the child custody order will be modified. If there was no custody order, then the court will issue one.

A family law attorney can provide more information on how to get approval from the court for your relocation.

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