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Divorce in Pennsylvania like being an air traffic controller

Divorce is stressful -- no one disputes that. You are making life changing decisions about family law issues like child custody, support and the distribution of debts and assets. It is said that getting through a divorce successfully is like being an air traffic controller. You are trying to land jumbo jets coming in on all these different runways in Pennsylvania. These jets are the issues that you have to deal with.

Not only is divorce hard, but post-divorce arguments can be upsetting and annoying, not to mention frustrating.

Sometimes, the decision to divorce is what both of you want and the decision is made by both of you. Other times, it is one spouse who raises the red flag, which can lead to the other spouse going out kicking and screaming. He or she feels like a victim of a story he or she didn't want to see end. Ultimately, you both will have to come together to make decisions about the separation.

At this point, you may need an attorney's wisdom and experience who can assist with this process. This can make the process smoother and he or she can see that your best interests are served.

The air traffic controller analogy brings up an important point: PEACE. This stands for parenting, plan, equitable distribution, alimony, child support and everything else. You can focus on each individual aspect until it is settled and then move to the next issue. Luckily, you can employ your attorney who has a wealth of experience in dealing with this type of situation.

Some of the issues will be formula driven, such as alimony and child support, so they will be less difficult to deal with.

If you are thinking of getting a divorce, an attorney can help you understand all of your legal options.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Handling Your Divorce Like an Air-Traffic Controller" Diane L. Danois, Mar. 15, 2015

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