If you think that child custody is often one of the most contentious issues in a Pennsylvania divorce, you would be right. Many parents struggle to reach a child custody agreement that is amenable to both parties. In such situations, legal intervention may be necessary to ensure a fair division of custody.

Parents who are concerned about their child custody rights should know that they can turn to professional attorneys who have their best interests at heart — and the best interests of the child in mind. Parents and children both deserve a fair custody ruling that allows both fit parents to spend as much time with their offspring as possible. In order to achieve that goal, parents need to understand the different types of custody that may be available.

Most of us only think about physical custody when we consider a child custody case. Physical custody involves physically housing your child, making day-to-day decisions and engaging in their daily activities. However, another type of custody does exist — legal custody. If a parent has legal custody, that person can make major decisions about the children’s religion, education and health care, among other major issues.

Parents should not allow themselves to be steamrolled by an overly aggressive ex. The best interests of the child must be considered; in many cases, that can involve joint custody. A team of experienced lawyers can help parents understand more about their legal rights and options in the wake of a divorce.

In many cases, both parents share legal custody, even if physical custody is not split evenly. This allows both parents to be involved in child-rearing activities, no matter the physical arrangement that has been reached. Our legal team can help you reach the ideal balance between physical and legal custody to achieve an equitable situation.

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