Do Pennsylvania officials believe that every father who pays child support is a “deadbeat?” Many residents of York County are wondering just that after they received a Father’s Day text message encouraging them to make a child support payment. One local father said he was offended by the implication that he must be in the arrears simply because he is a dad who pays child support. The man, who participates in the Daddy Project of York, is an active member of the community who helps fathers work through their own child custody battles.

At first, the man said he thought the text from York County Domestic Relations must have been a joke. The text told fathers that a child support payment would be a great Father’s Day gift. Now, fathers in the area are wondering whether the same type of communication is sent out to moms on Mother’s Day.

The implication that every man is a “deadbeat dad” is not only offensive — it is flat-out disrespectful. There are many men who follow their child support guidelines, providing critical funds for the continued welfare of their child. The man in this case says he spends time with his son every day, and he is looking forward to an upcoming child custody change that will allow him to share equal custody with the child’s mother. At that point, he will no longer be required to pay child support.

County officials said the message was not meant to be offensive. However, it is important to consider the feelings of those parents who play by the rules and submit their child support payments on time. Parents who abide by the law should not have to worry about harassment from government agencies.

Source: York Dispatch, “York County dads ‘offended’ by Domestic Relations text message” Christina Kauffman, Jun. 05, 2014