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May 2014 Archives

Same-sex divorce just as important as same-sex marriage

We hear a lot from family law advocates throughout the nation about the value of same-sex marriage. However, little attention has been paid to same-sex divorce, which is causing a snarl of legal problems in courts throughout the nation. Couples in Pennsylvania are now rushing to the courthouse to get married -- thanks to the reversal of the ban on same-sex marriage -- but they are also rushing to the courthouse to seek divorces.

Woman fighting for child custody after gay partnership dissolves

A former resident of York County, Pennsylvania, is working through a high-stakes child custody battle that could determine future rights for gay parents. The woman, age 32, left York in 2008 and formed a domestic partnership with another woman in California in 2009. She is now fighting for child custody rights for her two children, though she is experiencing some difficulty because she is not a biological parent.

Medical marijuana's impacts on child custody

Pennsylvania has not yet legalized medical marijuana, though that change could be on the way in the future. You might wonder exactly what medical marijuana would have to do with family law -- after all, the topic seems more suited to the criminal realm. In fact, child custody cases can be seriously affected by the use of medical marijuana, which may prevent a parent from enjoying certain visitation rights.

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