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We Listen With Compassion

Pizza restaurants work to deliver child support offenders

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2014 | Child Support |

Many people across Pennsylvania may remember the days when the pictures of missing children were printed on milk cartons. The purpose of this was to increase people’s awareness and reach more people in the hopes that someone would recognize a missing child and alert the police.

Now that same concept is being adapted to help authorities track down a different group of people. According to reports, pizza restaurants in another state are putting pictures of child support offenders on their delivery boxes in the hopes that customers will be able to help them find the delinquent parents.

For about three years, several Kentucky pizza restaurants have participated in what they call March Madness Most Wanted. During this campaign, flyers with the pictures and names of the county’s worst child support offenders are attached to the top of every pizza that is delivered. In some cases, the parents pictured owe tens of thousands of dollars in child support. The goal of sending out these flyers is to make their delinquency public and spread the word that they are being pursued by the authorities. Putting the pictures on pizza boxes makes it easy to spread the word and increase awareness.

The solution has proven to be an effective way of prompting some action. At least three people have been arrested as a result of these efforts so far. Parents have also been coming forward to catch up on payments in order to avoid being featured on these unflattering flyers. Perhaps this concept will spread to Pittsburgh and we could start seeing pictures of delinquent parents more often. It is certainly an interesting idea and a unique solution to a very troubling issue.

Parents who evade their responsibility to pay child support are not just hurting themselves. They can also be causing some serious problems for their children who may not be getting everything they need as a result of the missing financial support. This is why it is critical to track down parents who owe child support and hold them responsible.

Source: Tristate Homepage, “Hopkins County Campaign to Take a Slice Out of Crime,” March 17, 2014


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