How An Attorney Can Make The Process Easier

Divorce can be a painful time in life when happy times seem to be in the past. But it is a critical time to pay attention to your future. With so much emotional turmoil, it is easy to overlook long-term considerations such as retirement, property, business and long-term co-parenting arrangements. An experienced family law attorney can aggressively represent you and pay attention to these important details.

Our highly knowledgeable divorce attorneys at Family Legal Center, LLC, have guided good people through challenging situations since 1996. From mediating child custody to administering estate plans, we provide skilled and focused representation. First, we listen to your needs and evaluate your circumstances. Then, we offer creative solutions and aggressive advocacy that strives to achieve your best possible results.

Five ways a seasoned Pennsylvania family law attorney can make your legal process easier:

  1. Objective, fact-based advice - An experienced divorce lawyer acts as an intermediary. He or she is not emotionally attached, so it is easier to manage the circumstances and people involved and keep everyone levelheaded. Representing your best interests is the priority. An intelligent legal advocate will help you avoid making rash decisions and keep the legal process on track.
  2. Fair division of assets and protection of rights - A diligent attorney protects and defends in all areas of divorce, supporting your rights to your children, assets, property, business profit, and other income and investments acquired during the marriage. A neutral party who has no emotional connection to the divorce is more likely to obtain a fair outcome. Another way they protect rights is by fielding threats from the other party. This happens much more often when there is no attorney involved. Hiring a skilled divorce attorney can help diffuse the situation, lend knowledge and assist you if court involvement is needed.
  3. Familiarity with laws and judges - In addition to staying updated on statute changes and past court case outcomes, having knowledge about how specific judges tend to rule and how they review a case is of utmost importance. Hiring an attorney for this reason alone is imperative. He or she can reduce anxiety, inform you of changes in your divorce process and tell you what to expect.
  4. Correct legal process and documentation - If you represent yourself and complete forms with incorrect information and/or submit them past the due dates, the judge can exclude these documents. Skilled counsel knows how to follow proper procedures and will ensure documents are completed accurately and in a timely fashion.
  5. Collaborative, co-parenting counsel - If you have children, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have a good chance of being in each other's lives forever. Out of love for your children, keep the channels of communication open and always put their needs first. A skilled attorney trained in mediation and collaborative divorce law can help you solve disagreements, manage issues and keep the process moving forward without going to court.

Discuss Your Legal Issue With A Reputable Family Law Attorney

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