How To Co-Parent With Your Ex

Before, during and after divorce, your top priority is your children. So how do you co-parent effectively after a divorce? Co-parenting with an ex does not have to be difficult. See our top tips to create positive experiences with the focus on your children.

  1. Always follow the court order — Make yourself familiar with your court order and adhere to it. You could be held in contempt of court if you do not follow the order. Then, you will need to go back to court, which can be time-consuming and costly, not to mention upsetting for your children. A divorce that is handled collaboratively is very helpful in serving the needs of everyone involved. Learn more about how a collaborative divorce works.
  2. Effective communication — Establish how the two of you will communicate about your child. If yours is an amicable divorce, this task may be easier. If you do not want to talk to each other, you could try a convenient online app. We recommend Our Family Wizard for its ease of use and the option to include an attorney if necessary (please see details about this feature on the app).
  3. Set up a schedule — Determine a schedule with a calendar based on the child custody determination, then follow it. Note the days, including holidays, your child will be spending at each parent's home. Circumstances are bound to change so it's important to be flexible, collaborative and communicative with your ex and vice versa. One mother we know gave her daughter her own calendar to keep track of days she would be at mommy's house and the days she would be at daddy's. The little girl used brightly colored stickers to note the days on a calendar. This made it fun and included her in the scheduling. Online apps are also available to assist with scheduling.
  4. Plan for vacations — Both parents should know the location of their child. Document phone numbers of hotels, airlines and itineraries for the other parent. Keeping the other parent informed about their child may foster more respectful interaction.
  5. Attendance at school events — Decide in advance who will attend school events, including teacher conferences, or if you both will attend. The choice is yours. This is one of the aspects we often discuss in a collaborative divorce, and it puts the children first. Share art projects to display at both homes. This helps your child feel loved and welcomed at both homes.

If you need assistance with any issues regarding your child or children, feel free to talk to a lawyer here at our Pennsylvania office.

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