At the Family Legal Center, LLC, in Monroeville, our attorneys have helped individuals resolve their legal issues through mediation. Founding attorney Laura Cohen is a certified mediator who has more than 20 years of experience handling mediation issues involving family law and probate and estate planning in Pennsylvania.

Is Mediation Right For You?

Mediation allows both parties to make decisions on their own when it comes to their divorce, including issues involving alimony, child custody and child support, without litigation.

Mediation can help you resolve your legal issues without going to court. Laura Cohen will act as a mediator in your case to facilitate the process and help both parties reach a suitable divorce settlement. Mediation does not include legal advice. Laura will help you find common ground so an agreement is reached, but she will not be acting as your attorney during this proceeding.

Our mediation lawyer is dedicated to helping you through this process. Laura and her staff understand the complex nature of family law issues. We work hard to find a beneficial resolution, and our experience resolving divorce and other family law matters helps us when exploring all of your options.

Contact Us To Learn More

Mediation may not be for everyone. We invite you to contact us so we can learn more about your specific situation and see if mediation is right for you. To schedule a consultation to discuss your specific issue, call us at 412-843-0957, toll free at 877-855-1067 or contact us online.