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Child custody, child support and your tax return

For many Pennsylvania residents going through a divorce, next year's tax return is likely the furthest thing from their minds. However, it is important to understand the implications that various divorce decisions will have on one's tax obligations. In regard to child custody and child support, there are numerous ways that a parent's tax return might be impacted.

Can college expenses be paid for with child support funds?

While not all parents can afford to, some in Pennsylvania want to help their children with their college expenses. Some even set up accounts when their children are young in order to give themselves time to save. Unfortunately, divorce happens, and putting extra money aside for a child's higher education may be put on the back burner. When it comes down to it, can custodial parents in Pennsylvania seek to have college expenses paid for with child support?

How long must child support be paid?

Financially supporting one's child is every parent's responsibility. However, when one is ordered to pay child support, it is only natural to wonder for how long one will have to make payments. Every state has different laws regarding this topic. This week's post will cover what Pennsylvania laws have to say about the duration of child support payments.

When medical issues call for a child support modification

As much as you hope that your child will never suffer from a serious medical issue, it happens. When it does, financially supporting that child's needs along with the needs of any other children you have may seem an impossible task. Thankfully, in Pennsylvania a child support order can be modified when circumstances change. A child suffering a medical issue generally meets the necessary qualifications.

Lottery winnings could soon be taken to pay child support arrears

A bill was recently passed by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives that would allow the state to take lottery winnings from those who owe certain debts. According to a recent report, this applies to those parents who are behind on making their child support payments. While there are other enforcement options already in place, this will -- if passed -- just add to the options available for custodial parents to collect the money owed them.

How to collect child support from a parent living out of state

Relocation for employment or other personal needs is a part of life for a lot of people. While that may be so, when a noncustodial parent moves out of state, it can make collecting child support a bit of a challenge. However, enforcement options are available to assist custodial parents in Pennsylvania in obtaining the ordered support.

Do not let a child support dispute land you in jail

Support paying parents in Pennsylvania and elsewhere sometimes fail to meet their financial obligations. It happens regardless of economic ability to pay. When child support goes unpaid, it can become a criminal matter. Before it gets that far, there are steps that can be taken to address the child support issue and avoid jail time.

Seek help if you are dealing with a child support dispute

Money matters can create some of the biggest issues before and after a divorce is finalized. This is particularly true with child support. It is not uncommon for parents, whether they reside in Pennsylvania or elsewhere, to get into arguments about support payments. If you are in such a situation, an experienced family law attorney may be able to help you resolve the problem as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

Dad jailed for failure to pay child support

A man in another state is facing criminal charges for failing to provide court ordered financial support for his children. Not meeting one's child support obligation is something that most states, including Pennsylvania, take very seriously. However, there is no need to end up in jail because of this.

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