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Summertime child custody can be a real struggle

With most children out on summer break, parents are left trying to figure out how to keep them occupied until school starts up again in the fall. For divorced parents in Pennsylvania, summertime child custody can be a real struggle. At the end of the day, they have to do what works best for their kids and their schedules.

What does it mean to be granted legal child custody?

Figuring out a parenting plan when going through a divorce or separation can be a challenging task for parents in Pennsylvania. Obviously, physical child custody is a big issue and the vast majority of parents just want to make sure that their children are put in the best environment possible. What about legal custody, though? Which parent will get the right to make important decisions for his or her child?

Pennsylvania child custody basics

State laws regarding child custody matters are always evolving. While changes are generally made for a good cause, it can also make things confusing for those who are trying to understand how the system works. This week's column will give a brief overview of the current child custody laws in Pennsylvania.

What you post on social media can affect child custody

When going through a divorce, whether in Pennsylvania or elsewhere, there are a lot of little things that can affect one's settlement terms. For example, one's rantings or other posts on social media may be used in a negative way by a spouse in order to get the terms desired. This may not apply to every aspect of a divorce case, but it is certainly true when it comes to child custody matters.

Chris Robinson seeks child custody modification

Famed musician Chris Robinson is going back to court to fight for more time with the son he shares with actress Kate Hudson. The two agreed to shared child custody nearly 10 years ago, but obviously he feels this is an arrangement that is no longer working. Fame and fortune will not make achieving a custody modification any easier. He will have to go through what every parent whether in Pennsylvania or elsewhere will have to go through in order to have a modification request approved.

Modifying child custody and other aspects of parenting plans

Divorcing parents in Pennsylvania have a lot of decisions to make regarding how their split will affect their children. Child custody, financial support and a myriad of other details, both big and small, have to be figured out before any court orders can be obtained. When all of the details are ironed out, the final information is usually laid out in a parenting plan which, if approved, will become a court order. If necessary, down the line, these plans can be modified.

Making child custody work after divorce is final

Divorce can be hardest on the youngest members of the family. That is why many parents in Pennsylvania, despite the emotional struggle these proceedings can entail, resolve to work together on a child custody agreement rather than leaving the final decision up the court. Any custody or visitation schedule should be workable for the parents and beneficial for the children.

We can help you reach a child custody agreement that works

Pennsylvania parents are understandably concerned with protecting the well-being of their children during and after their divorce. One of the best ways to ensure that they enjoy stability and continuity of lifestyle is through a child custody plan that is workable and beneficial for all members of the family. You may not be able to secure a custody order that meets all of your expectations, but with compromise and qualified legal guidance, we can help your family reach a reasonable solution.

Child custody does not have to be a holiday battle

A divorced couple may be co-parenting pretty well, but they may be dreading the holidays. Perhaps for the past year, the two of them were able to figure out child custody arrangements that suited everyone, and they want to make sure the kids have the holiday traditions they remember from before the divorce. However, one parent expects that the other will call the day before the holiday to say he or she wants to take the children to celebrate with relatives outside of Pennsylvania.

Women who conceive through assault may face child custody battles

When a woman is the victim of a sexual assault, it is always a possibility that she may become pregnant. This could mean that she is forced to contend with her attacker if he demands child custody. While Pennsylvania offers some protection for mothers in this situation, many other states are slow in passing legislation in this area.

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